Creating Collisions

Collisions, to me, are those opportunities to get to know and help people through planned random encounters. Now, it helps that I have a special set of skills to look at the world in a way that many others don't. See, by day I am a Senior Marketing Manager, Project Manager, UI/UX designer, SEO specialist, and website developer. Basically, I help companies, products and people be found, online, in the best way for their intended audience. What does this mean to those I collide with? Simple, I help you to be seen the way they intend and to introduce them to people that can help them on their journey. Along the way, giving my own insight into how I see the world through my filters.

This sounds so crazy, and if you have met me, you know that I can connect dots between people and in projects in ways that you usually haven't considered before.

Through my work I have been able to help connect teams, like the team here:

4 Yellow Foundation - Ride 4 Yellow - Ski 4 Yellow