Who is Casey Barnett

The best way to get to know someone is usually over a cup of joe. Being that you are here, and trying to get some insight into me, I figure you really want to know the deep stuff. Or maybe not...

Lenovo Partner Network SEO Training
Jake Finkelstein, CEO of Method Savvy and Casey Barnett conducting a 6 course SEO Training Series for the Lenovo Partner Network.

Treat it like a first date

What Makes You Unique?

  • Perspective - I try to see things from the other person's point of view as often as possible. It is not always possible, however just the act of trying to understand a person's perspective can help you to be a better human.

What are some random fun facts about you?

What is your greatest strength?

  • Helping you find yours.

What is your greatest weakness?

  • The moments that seem to require15 minutes of fame.

What’s Something You Want to Learn or Wish You Were Better At?

  • Music, the creation and playing of.

Know any good jokes?

  • How did pirates collaborate before computers?
    Pier to pier networking.

What is something that bugs you?

  • People that don't follow through.

Where is your favorite place on Earth?

  • On the ocean, preferable on a cruise ship.

What is something you're proud of?

  • Helping give back to the communities I am a part of.