Who I Am

These days you can find me building, maintaining, and producing digital marketing at Method Savvy, in Durham, NC. It is never a dull day at Method Savvy; BigCommerce builds, WordPress remodels, SEO training, content writing, analytics reviews, php injections, JS scripts, international developers, Multinational companies, mom and pop inventors, this job has a little bit of everything!

Through all that, I have a knack for seeing the big picture.

I start by looking at and researching possibilities andĀ organizing those possibilities into opportunities. Then with humor and intrigue, I pitch those opportunitiesĀ to open doors towards that bigger vision.

What is your big vision? Do you need help finding those possibilities? Do you like coffee? If you have gotten this far, we should connect.


Casey Barnett and Bear

What I Do


From the boardroom to the soccer pitch, I enjoy working with motivated individuals and teams to foster growth and opportunities.

Bear sized Pomeranian

Don't tell Bear he is little, because he would argue with you... loudly. I am at the bidding of this amazing little @pomlittlebear, who loves to be invited and involved in everything.

Collision Specialist

My favorite part of the day is connecting people. When you make an unexpected connection I call that a collision. Find out more about how I create collisions!